Yoga styles – old

Yoga styles – old

Hatha Yoga

BoeddhaHatha Yoga is a soft variant of yoga. Its calm meditative style of physical exercise makes it suitable for everyone. My classes focus on sitting, standing and laid down postures. It includes breathing exercises and meditation techniques and each lesson ends with a relaxing exercise. During the class I will explain in detail about the posture en its positive effects. This class can be attended by anyone regardless of age and experience and can be adapted for persons with physical limitations.


  • Exercise improves blood circulation, keeps the heart and vains healthy and makes joints and muscles flexible
  • Breathing exercises will make you aware of your vital force
  • Relaxing exercises help coping with stress and pain

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga explores and pushes boundaries by maintaining poses during a longer time. The body is not used to assume a certain pose, but the pose is used to feel your body better. You concentrate on the connective tissue and the joints in the stretched area. The relatively calm character of the Yin Yoga classes is what appeals to most participants. Where most sports focus on tensioning and relaxing the body muscles, this yoga style is about full relaxation of the muscles, i.e. the flexibility of the joints and the connective tissue. Athletes are a good example; they don’t end their careers due to a lack of muscle tissue, but due to joint problems instead. Yin yoga the best way to restore these joints and connective tissue. The class is particularly nice because it allows you to focus on your body without having to exercise intensively.


Do-In is a great combination of exercises, known from yoga; self massage, pressure point exercises and breathing techniques that stimulate the circulation of Ki (life energy) and eliminates any blocks or imbalances. When Ki flows freely, body and organ functionality will be restored.

Chair yoga

Chair Yoga is targeted at companies to allow their employees to have a relaxing moment and some physical exercise during work. This yoga styles has a low threshold as sport clothing is not needed and because the exercises can be done either sitting down or standing straight. The breathing and relaxing exercises can easily be done behind the desk or in a meeting room. A good reason to do some self consultation! It prevents and reduces any neck, shoulder or wrist problems and helps reducing stress.

Yoga for seniors

Sooner or later most people will be confronted with the fact that aging has an impact on the human body; joints loose flexibility, muscles get tense and endurance continuously reduces. Especially in this phase the body requires more physical exercise and attention to learn how to deal with these changes and how to maintain the body in an optimal condition. With this yoga styles, most exercises are done sitting down or standing straight is are accompanied with breathing and relaxing techniques and is therefore highly suitable for elderly people of for the physically impaired.

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